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Health Beds and Allergies

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The link between health beds and allergies has been established by some researchers. If your bed passes the criteria for a health bed, chances are your allergies won’t flare up as much as someone else who sleeps on an ordinary bed. Some allergies are known to occur at night so it is only logical that care must be given to the choice of a health bed. What measures can you take to ensure that your health bed does not trigger your allergies? Apart from checking the level of humidity in your room and the presence of mould and mildew, you can change your bed to one that is fully customised and personalised to your health needs. For example, you want a health bed that not only bears the mark of craftsmanship, but also uses the best materials and technologies. A bed made with generous amounts of hypo-allergenic fittings and quality damask would be an excellent option for you. You also want a health bed that is equipped with brass ventilators for the proper circulation of air. A common allergy is house dust mite. These are microscopic organisms that like to inhabit warm and humid areas of the home. Many of these organisms make a home for themselves in our beds and cause hay fever and asthma attacks. They can also aggravate some skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. Given that we spend one third of our lifetime in beds, it makes sense to have a top quality bed that will hinder or prevent these organisms from thriving and multiplying, hence reducing our chances of developing an allergic reaction. The HealthBeds store prides itself in manufacturing health beds that have been treated with anti-dust mite protection, not just on the surface areas but also down to the deepest fibres of the bed. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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