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Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

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Did you know that memory foam mattresses and toppers offer a number of health-related benefits? While many consumers who decide to buy new memory foam mattresses buy them purely for the comfort, there are actually a number of health reasons why they should consider switching over to memory foam mattresses. In general, sleeping on memory foam mattresses will help to improve the quality of your sleep (reducing insomnia, restlessness, and tossing and turning, while helping to ensure a more restful, deep, and refreshing sleep) and reduce back pain and other muscular and joint pain. Memory foam works by conforming to the weight and shape of your body, reducing pressure points. When weight is applied to the mattress, the open memory cells compress completely and spread the pressure to surrounding cells, helping to decrease the pressure you feel and that your body takes. As a result, not only will you be much more comfortable (and pain-free) as you lie in your bed, but you'll be able to sleep better and more soundly. The ability to conform to your body shape, completely absorb, compress, and spread out the pressure from your weight, and thereby reduce pressure points is a health benefit unique to memory foam. Another great health benefit unique to memory foam mattresses is that they are temperature-sensitive, meaning that when you lie down on the mattress, the material will actually absorb the excess heat from your external body, cooling you down (which helps to promote relaxation and induce sleep) and also softening the mattress for increased comfort. A final health benefit of memory foam mattresses is the support they offer to the body. As mentioned, a mattress or topper made of memory foam will adjust to conform to your body's unique shape; however, it will also adjust to fully support your weight, neck, and spine, which is crucial for improved sleep, reduced back pain, and overall spinal health. By sleeping on a memory foam mattress or topper, your spine will be held in its natural position in perfect alignment. If you're suffering from low-quality sleep, fatigue, back pain (particularly during the night and in the mornings), and other bodily aches and pains, this might indicate your need for a new mattress. Consider the health benefits and other advantages of memory foam mattresses. You can check out our available selection of memory foam mattresses at www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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