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Healthopaedic Beds and Sleep Position

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Whether you sleep on your stomach, your back, or your sides, or any combination of these, it is unlikely that you wake up in the same exact position in which you fell asleep. This is because normal mattresses cause discomfort while you lay on them, provoking you to roll over in bed in your sleep in an attempt to get more comfortable. In the worst cases, the movement wakes you up during the night, or the pain that the mattress causes wakes you and does not allow you to get back to sleep. These are very unfortunate but preventable realities of sleeping on a regular mattress. There are several points on our bodies that tend to dig into our beds, since our bodies do not easily conform to a flat position like most mattresses force us to try to do. These points, especially at our shoulders and hips, push upward and can be very painful on the parts of your body affected. The problems with alignment can also twist, bend, or otherwise move your spine in an uncomfortable way, causing all sorts of physical problems in the morning, and trouble sleeping at night. With a Healthopaedic bed, you can choose the best and most comfortable sleep position for your body, without having to take into account the fact that our bodies are not flat and many mattresses are. This is because the memory foam of the Healthopaedic beds conforms to the shape of your body, responding to the cues of pressure and body heat to form a perfect mold of the curve of your spine and keeping you suspended in a state of perfect comfort. With a Healthopaedic bed, you may discover for the first time in your life that you can fall asleep in one position, and wake up the same way, fully rested. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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