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Healthopaedic Silk Mattresses

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Imagine the most comfortable bed on which you have ever laid. This bed is crafted carefully with special foam, originally designed for NASA, which cradles your body gently, following the curves of your spine and relieving pressure on your hips and shoulders. Imagine the up to 1500 individual springs that elevate you to a feeling of floating as you drift off to sleep. This is no mere dream, but a good example of what it feels like to lay yourself down on a Healthopaedic bed. The foam in Healthopaedic beds was designed to cradle and comfort astronauts during the traumatic experience of multiple G forces during the liftoff of a space shuttle, so imagine how well it will hold up to the mere pressure of your body as you settle in to sleep. You will not regret buying a Healthopaedic bed, and you will never have to turn it. What could possibly make this wonderful bed better? Buying a silk Healthopaedic mattress! Silk Healthopaedic beds are of the same high level of craftsmanship, with the added luxurious touch of silk enclosing the mattress for that extra touch of comfort and high class. Healthopaedic silk mattresses are of excellent quality, and are even more highly qualified to give you the perfect night?s sleep. Say goodbye to pain in your back, neck, shoulders and hips as you fall asleep on a Healthopaedic silk bed, and say hello to the extra comfort that Healthopaedic can give you. If you buy a Healthopaedic silk mattress, you will discover the joy of the heat sensitive, breathable, body conforming mattress, the comfort of luxurious silk, and the great rest that can only come to you when you experience true comfort all night long and the best rest of your entire life. A Healthopaedic silk mattress is not just a great buy, it is an investment in your wellbeing. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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