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How a Dorlux Backcare Mattress Makes Your Life Better

The Dorlux line of Backcare Elite mattresses are designed to make sleep more comfortable for those who suffer from back pain, but in reality, the Backcare Mattress will affect far more than your sleep. Doctors and medical professionals have made it more and more clear that a great deal of our health hinges on getting a good night?s sleep ? and the single greatest factor on your sleep quality is the mattress that you choose. According to multiple sleep centre studies, the amount and quality of your sleep can have a profound effect on nearly every aspect of your daily life. Sleeping poorly at night can lessen your concentration, make you irritable, impair your immune system and affect your perception. The wrong mattress can make things even worse for you. A mattress that doesn?t support your entire body properly can make your entire life miserable. The Dorlux Backcare Elite mattress offers firm support to keep your spine in proper alignment, wrapped in a luxurious filling that cushions and protects your joints from pressure. The Advanced Flexiform spring system is specially designed to support your body from head to toe while mirroring every movement you make while you sleep. Dorlux Backcare mattresses are made in standard sizes to fit all of our bed bases and headboards. www.mattressnextday.co.uk

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