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How can mindfulness help to improve your sleep?

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For anyone who regularly suffers a bad night's sleep, you'll know how debilitating and draining it can feel. Every one of us requires regular, solid phases of sleep to allow us to rest from the day and rebuild our energy so that we feel fresh and rejuvenated. Ensuring you're sleeping on a supportive double mattress and have spent time winding down from the day are key ways you can help yourself nod off. Other popular sleep-aiding methods include sipping herbal tea, reading a book, and avoiding screens up to an hour before you intend to sleep. Another great aid to a good night's sleep is mindfulness, a practice which has grown in popularity in recent years. Below we've looked into what mindfulness is and how it can help to improve your sleep. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of raising awareness, non-judgementally, of exactly what is happening in the moment, to both our external surroundings and within our bodies and minds. Practicing mindfulness is often done as a form of meditation and can help people to acknowledge, but not dwell on the constant stream of thoughts that race through our brains everyday. It centres around our breathing and is a calming, relaxing way to meditate, especially when finding it hard to sleep due to a 'busy mind'. How can mindfulness help to improve your sleep? Mindfulness doesn't allow you to control your thoughts and feelings, but it does create a new awareness for you, which helps you challenge how you respond to them. Oftentimes when we're trying to sleep and worrying or stressful thoughts appear, we delve into them, making the worries feel larger and keeping sleep at bay for longer. By practicing mindfulness you'll be able to consider your thoughts in a more objective way, taking away some of the power that can spiral out of negative thoughts. The process of mindfulness can help you relax and, as it's focused on your breathing, you will often find yourself drifting off into a calm, peaceful sleep in no time. If you're looking to buy a new double mattress, then look no further than Mattress Next Day. Click here to shop our full range today.
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