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How Often Should I Rotate My Mattress?

Rotating your mattress will help the mattress last longer which in the long run, saves you money. Flipping the mattress regularly prevents unwanted sagging and dipping that causes us to replace mattresses prematurely. But how often should I rotate my mattress? As a rule of thumb, you should be flipping the mattress every 3 months. How Often Should I Rotate My Mattress?

Things to consider when flipping a mattress

Is your mattress able to be flipped? A lot of modern mattresses are one-sided only which obviously prevents them from being completely flipped. If this is the case with your mattress, try rotating it 180 degrees. This will allow the pressure to be distributed evenly over different parts of the mattress every 3 months. Who is sleeping on the mattress? If one person occupies a mattress, they will normally sleep on the same side in the same position each night. Over time, the side that is slept on will start sagging leaving an uneven surface on the mattress. To prevent this, flip the mattress every 3 months. Generally, couples do not weigh the same weight. So when two of you are sharing a mattress, you'll notice one side sags quicker than the other. To avoid this, flip and rotate your mattress every 2-3 months or whenever you notice sagging. Does my mattress need flipping? Not all mattresses require flipping due to the internal design of the mattress. It's important to check the label on your mattress before flipping for instructions. If you're unsure if your mattress needs flipping, check the label or alternatively, contact the manufacturer. Shop our full range of mattresses, here.