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How to become a morning person

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We all know the dread of hearing our morning alarm clock. Having to peel ourselves from under the covers and start a long day at work, school, or with the kids. The first thing we think about is when we can get back into bed. But waking up doesn't have to be a dreaded task. The more energised and effective you make your morning routine, the better your days can be. So, how can you become a morning person? Plan the night before One of the worst things about mornings is the rush to shower, get dressed, juggle the family and squeeze in breakfast. Some simple planning can help your mornings run smoothly and take away that morning anxiety. Decide what you are going to wear. Make breakfast and lunch ahead of time. Have your bag packed for the gym or work. While these things take time in the evening, they make all the difference to your morning. Make time for treats Instead of the usual fumble and stumble out the door with your shirt half buttoned and a piece of toast in hand, give yourself time to do things you enjoy in the morning. Whether that is an extra ten minutes for a cup of tea, half an hour for an energising morning shower or leaving time to get out to the gym, make time in the morning to start your day doing something for you. The more you can begin to see mornings as a stress-free part of the day, the more you will naturally prioritise getting up early. Notice the rewards What positive changes do you notice when your mornings become an enjoyable part of your day? Do you now have time to walk part of the way to work? Or maybe an extra ten minutes gives you time to pick up a coffee from your favourite café. The benefits of starting your day with a positive mindset and organised routine can have amazing consequences for your concentration at work, ability to sleep at night and mental mindset. Research even supports a relationship between early risers and life success and satisfaction. Behind every morning person is a great night's sleep. Here at MattressNextDay, we are committed to giving you the best nights sleep so you can start your day the right way. Check out our range and see how we can help you become a morning person!
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