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How to create the luxury boutique hotel look in your bedroom

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Your bedroom is the one room in the house where you can truly escape, a decompression chamber where you can relax away from the stresses and strains of the day. And that sense of sanctuary all starts with your bed, making the mattress you choose, the bedding and the accessories crucial to creating that sense of sanctuary. Indulge in a luxury mattress The quality of your mattress is key to a good night's sleep, and there are some surprisingly affordable luxury mattresses available. Look for a deep and luxurious mattress with a high spring count that has been hand tufted in cool and hypo allergenic fabric for the best possible night's sleep. If you have a large bedroom, then the bigger the mattress the better, and with features like anti roll to stop you and your partner colliding in the middle of the night, your comfort is guaranteed. Invest in the best quality bedding There may be no truth in the rumour that sleeping on satin sheets and pillowcases prevents wrinkles, but if this indulgent bedding makes you feel good then it's a good choice for you. For many of us, a cool cotton is the smart choice but beware bedding boasting high thread counts - thread counts above 500 mean that the material is being manipulated. Instead opt for organic or Egyptian cotton, and change your sheets every seven to 10 days. Plump for pillows While down filled pillows and duvets can be the height of luxury - and are surprisingly durable - they're best kept out of the bedroom if you suffer from allergies, so choose the very best synthetic filling you can afford. If you sleep on your back or side, you'll need a medium to firm pillow to support the neck, while stomach sleepers need a soft pillow for comfort. A memory foam pillow is absolutely ideal if you suffer from neck problems, as this will provide adequate support. Finally, follow the lead of those luxury boutique hotels and consider a set of bedding for winter and summer. Dress for success Once you've chosen your colour palette - for the most luxurious effect stick to ivory, cream and purest white - it's time to dress your bed with cushions and throws. Express your personality by using texture and colour to create a beautiful display, then enjoy the best night's sleep you've ever had in boutique hotel luxury.
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