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How to decorate children's bedrooms

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As children grow up, it becomes more important for them to have their own space – and for mum and dad a bit of space where all the toys can go! Getting a child’s bedroom right can be a challenge. They grow up so fast and their interests change quickly, but you don’t want to be redecorating and kitting out the rooms every year. So start with thinking about how the room can grow up with them. The first and most important purchase for the room is the bed. If children have a comfortable bed where they will get a good night’s sleep, everyone will get a good night’s sleep and life will be much better in the mornings. It’s worth investing in a quality mattress too. Consider the size of the room, and that all important thing for children – storage! Do you want a bed with underbed storage built in – a great alternative to a traditional chest of drawers – or would you like space under there for them to keep toy boxes? For older children, a mid-sleeper is a good option, with a higher bed reached by ladder and space for a desk or seating area underneath. Once you have sorted out the sleeping arrangements, you can plan the rest of the room. Choose a colour that you can live with for a while – your little one might love bright orange or princess pink now but it’s probably not a long-term situation; neutral colours with features to highlight a theme are a better choice. There are plenty of ways to add in a theme that can be changed and updated without too much difficulty later on, such as light fittings, curtains and borders. Beware of stickers that say they are removable – check they really are! Dinosaurs and football are popular choices with little boys, and also not something that’s likely to become ‘babyish’ too quickly. For little girls, perhaps fairies or butterflies will be longer lasting than princesses. Whatever you choose, let your child be involved with some of the decisions, and you will have a room that they will be more than happy to go to at bedtime.
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