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How To Design A Bedroom For Better Sleep

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The bedroom can serve as multifunctional, a dressing room, work at a home office or a library but ultimately, it is a sanctuary for sleep. Sometimes leaving a pile of clothes on the floor or books on the side can disturb our sleep subconsciously. Here are some tips on how to design a bedroom for better sleep.

A good mattress is key

Sometimes a good nights rest might be as simple as getting a new mattress. If your mattress is too lumpy or soft, chances are it's keeping you awake at night. As a general rule, we should replace our mattresses every 8 years but if it feels like it's seen better days, it's time to upgrade.

Darkness makes a big difference

As trendy as all white bedrooms are right now, they're not great for sleep. As mammals, our natural instinct is to sleep in dark secluded places. This doesn't mean you need to paint the walls black but darker walls, furniture and dimmed lights will make all the difference when you're settling down. Try and opt for blackout blinds and curtains because even a street light outside can disturb the REM cycle.

Get rid of the clutter

It's hard to avoid mess but if there's one room you should keep tidy at all times, it's the bedroom. In order to fully relax, we need a tidy space. As much as you think it's not bothering you, subconsciously an untidy environment creates an untidy mind. A great solution is to invest in large storage containers and any mess you can't deal with at the time.

Space around the bed

Where possible, try and leave as much open space around the bed as you can. It's important to have a clear walkway around the bed, this helps create a relaxing sleep environment. If you have bedside tables directly next to the bed, keep clutter off the top shelf. Waking up in the night or morning and seeing clutter will subconsciously stress out the mind and make for worse sleep.

Ditch the electronics

As nice as watching TV in bed might be, blue light radiated by all screens prevents us from sleeping. If you can, try and keep your phone in a drawer or entirely out of the bedroom to resist the urge to pick it up when you can't sleep. If you use a digital alarm clock, make sure the screen is off or dimmed throughout the night!

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