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How To Make A Firm Mattress Feel Softer

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A lot of us make the mistake of buying a mattress that's too firm. This is because laying on a firm mattress for a short period of time will feel more comfortable to you than your soft mattress. For the most part, that feeling is temporary and in a few weeks, you'll start getting back pain. Fortunately, not all hope is lost if your warranty has run out. There are a few inexpensive ways to fix a firm mattress. Here's How To Make A Firm Mattress Feel Softer...

Break it in

Often when a mattress is new, it comes a little firmer than intended since mattresses deteriorate over time. If you're not happy with the comfort then the quickest way to break it in is to walk on it every day. Not for too long, just a 2 minute walk around on the mattress will have it softened up in no time. If matters are really desperate and you want to speed up the process, walk on it for several minutes a day.

Warm it up

If you have a memory foam mattress, it responds to heat so depending on how hot or cold the room is will determine the softness of the mattress. If you find your mattress is too hard or too soft, play around with the room temperature a bit until you get your desired comfort.

Mattress topper

Mattress toppers are definitely the sure fire quickest way to soften up a mattress. If your mattress doesn't seem to be getting any softer as time goes on then it's definitely time to consider a mattress topper. Toppers come in a variety of materials and thickness so figure out exactly what is making your mattress uncomfortable and pick one accordingly. Materials include latex, memory foam, cotton, feather, polyfoam and down. The cheapest and most effective for adding softness is a memory foam topper that's under 2 inches thick.

Flip it

Flipping a mattress regularly not only helps to keep it dust free in also stops lumps appearing. Lumps in the mattress can cause discomfort whilst trying to sleep. If your mattress is unable to be flipped over, try rotating it 180 degrees so the part supporting your head is not at your feet and vice versa. Flipping and rotating helps keep the mattress even throughout and will lead to a comfier experience overall. If you're struggling to make your mattress softer then why not treat yourself to one of our handpicked soft mattresses?
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