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How to pick the perfect pillow

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In our previous blog entry, we explained how you can ensure that you choose the right bed sheets for you. We’d like to follow that up by discussing how to pick out the perfect pillow. Here at Mattress Nextday, our mattresses are of unparalleled quality, but we understand that you also need the right set of sleeping accoutrements (including sheets and pillows) in order to have a truly restful night. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of things to think about that will help you choose a pillow that’s perfect for you. 1. Consistency When you choose a mattress, you have to decide whether you want something soft and yielding or firm and supportive. The same is true of pillows. Luckily, your preferred type of mattress can provide valuable insight into the sort of pillow you’ll find most comfortable. If you prefer soft, luxurious mattresses, you’ll probably also prefer soft pillows. And if you enjoy sleeping on a firm mattress that provides optimal support, you’ll probably find a slightly firmer pillow easier to sleep on. 2. Size Pillows are available in a broad spectrum of different sizes and you may find one size easier to sleep on than others. For example, you might prefer smaller pillows because they’re compact and eschew larger ones for being unwieldy, or you may prefer larger pillows because they provide a greater area on which to rest your head. Think about the dimensions of the pillows you’ve used in the past and which ones you’ve felt most comfortable on to help you pick the right size for you. 3. Material Pillows can be stuffed with many different materials, including natural eiderdown and artificial materials like polyester. Each material feels slightly different to sleep on, so experiment with different options until you find one that feels just right. Avoid feather pillows if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Here at Mattress Nextday, we’re pleased to supply you with top-notch mattresses. However, it takes more than a good mattress to guarantee a great night’s sleep. By supplementing your mattress with a perfect pillow, you can improve how well you sleep immeasurably. By thinking about the consistency, size and material of the different pillows available, you can find one that feels ideal.
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