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How to stay warm in bed during the winter

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January's here, and now's the season for cold nights and thick duvets. But what's the best way to keep warm in bed at night? Being at the right temperature is important for restful sleep. It's as difficult to get a good night's sleep if you're too hot as it is if you're too cold. We'll look into the best ways to regulate your body temperature for a restful night's sleep - and how to do it economically. Prepare for bed Don't try and get into bed cold - you'll find it hard to warm up and it will take a long time. Some people recommend a few light stretching exercises to warm up your muscles before getting into bed. You may find climbing the stairs has the same effect! Drink an decaffeinated hot drink such as warm milk, herbal tea or hot water and lemon. This will raise your body temperature ahead of bed. You can also take a hot shower or bath. Dress for bed It's best to wear layers of sleepwear as layers help retain body heat. It's a good idea to wear socks if you get cold feet, as bodily extremities are the first places that you'll register the cold. It's better to wear layers such as longjohns and flannel nightshirts, rather than one big thick layer. You can shed layers through the night as your body warms up. Dress the bed for restful sleep Again, aim for a layered approach at night because then you can discard bedding layers as you heat up. A fleecy under blanket laid over the mattress will help retain heat from below you as you sleep. It's a good idea to switch from a low tog duvet in the warmer months to a high tog rating one in winter, or to add an extra layer of blankets. Other ways to keep warm Many people swear by hot water bottles and electric blankets as a quick and easy way to warm up in bed.
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