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How to Tell You Need a New Mattress

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When considering a new mattress, the best place to start your search is Health Beds. Although this may be the obvious choice, knowing when it’s time for a new mattress may not be so cut and dry. Here are a few ways to tell you need a new mattress. The inability to sleep is a great indicator that you need a new mattress. If you find yourself lying in bed at night unable to get comfortable, your current mattress has lost its ability to provide the support and comfort needed. When you notice dips, tears, and holes in your mattress, it is clearly time for a new mattress. Once your mattress has holes, hips, rips, or tears, it will no longer be able to support your body effectively. Springs or coils will start to cause pain and discomfort. Some consumers choose make shift methods, such as flipping the mattress over and putting boards on the frame. Unfortunately, these methods do little to solve the problem. The persistence of back, joint, and muscle pain that seems to ease off as the day goes on is another indicator that you need a new mattress. By forcing you to sleep in unnatural positions, your current mattress is placing unnecessary pressure on these areas. If you have had a sudden change in body weight or recent surgery it may be time for a new mattress. These new developments often demand that a mattress support your body in ways that are different than normal. For example, pregnant women may find that they need additional lower back support. The right new mattress will be able to support these changes efficiently. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you probably need a new mattress. It may be the key to a more relaxed and healthier you. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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