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How to turn your bedroom into a comfortable haven

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At the end of a long, hard day, fewer things are more pleasant than the prospect of sinking down into a comfortable bed and getting a great night's sleep. However, it's not just a case of finding a comfortable bed (although this of course helps), equally important is having some serene surroundings to settle down in. Here are a few hints and tips to turn your bedroom into a comfortable sleep haven, for a perfect night's sleep every time: Keep the light blocked out Fewer things are more conductive to sleep than darkened surroundings. We've all tried, at some point, to sleep in a room filled with sunlight, or woken to beams of light piercing the curtains, both of which are unpleasant experiences. That's why it's important to fit curtains or blinds that fully block out the light from outside. This way you can be sure of a good night's sleep no matter how bright it is outside. Keep stimulation to a minimum While nobody wants bare walls in their bedroom, it's also important to avoid too much stimulation directly within the line of sight. Fitting a 6x6 canvas directly opposite your bed may seem like a good idea at the time, but the contrasting colours and complexity will probably make sleep more difficult, especially if you're facing the canvas before getting some shut-eye. Consider the colour of the walls The colour of your bedroom can have a significant effect on your frame of mind and, subsequently, on your ability to sleep. For instance, rooms painted in shades of green, lavender, or blue are commonly seen as the most relaxing and restful tones to use in a bedroom. However, in the UK with our relatively cool light, such colours can often seem cold and even uninviting. Therefore, it could be a good idea to paint the walls in a slightly darker colour, preferably one using brown in the base, to add a touch of warmth to the room. Try to avoid anything too garish and bold, though, as this could have an adverse effect on your levels of relaxation. Get a great mattress While having comfortable surroundings is of course important, equally vital is that you have a comfortable mattress. This, combined with the relaxing surroundings, will ensure a good night's rest every time.
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