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How to use sleep to maximise your brain power

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It’s no secret that losing out on sleep will affect your brain. The better rested you are, generally speaking, the quicker your mind will work, the better your mood will be and the easier you will understand things as they are explained to you. Yet the real value of sleep to the human mind actually goes much, much deeper than that. In fact, while you sleep, your brain is taking care of all kinds of important things that can make life much clearer, straightforward and manageable when you wake up. Decision making The old phrase ‘let me sleep on it’ has a lot more meaning than you might think. Recent studies suggest that, when given a large amount of complex information to sift through before bed, the human mind will actually process it while sleeping. So, even though you may not realise it when you wake up, the reason that tough decision felt easier to make in the light of a new day is because your brain made it for you while you were asleep. Memory sorting A good night’s sleep allows the brain to place your memories into some sort of order, connecting them with old ones or creating new space for them. This means more than allowing you to recall a funny anecdote. It is crucial to the learning process, as it helps to solidify new information’s place in your memory banks. Creative thought Though this is not true of everybody, for most people the earlier in the day it is, the more creative they are likely to feel and, you guessed it, this is all due to sleep. The sleeping mind connects information, ideas and data in a manner that is much smoother and less restricted than the awake mind. This is great for creative thinking, as it links seemingly different ideas in a natural, interesting way. Sleep is not just about keeping your body energised. It is also about ensuring your brain functions at its maximum potential. That's why you have to take steps to ensure you get good, regular rest. One such step is to invest in a comfortable, high quality mattress from the extensive Mattress Next Day range. Here you'll find a massive variety of mattresses designed to deliver the best night's sleep. Be sure you get a good night’s rest every night, and keep your mind working in the healthiest, most creative manner.
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