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Is beauty sleep a real thing?

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Sleep improves pretty much everything. Concentration, memory, physical endurance but does not getting enough of it affect our appearance? We all should aim for between 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. Anything below that could actually take a toll on your appearance. So, is beauty sleep a real thing? We've all woken up looking a little worse for wear at some point in our lives. It might not necessarily be something you can pinpoint, but something is definitely off with your appearance. Sleeping for fewer than 6 hours a night can have a toll on the way you look. Upping sleep per night by 1-3 hours will show improvement in as little as a day. Keep it up for 3 weeks and you'll notice bigger changes. Sleep could actually be the fountain of youth we hear so much about. Here are a few benefits getting your beauty sleep gives:

Fewer wrinkles

Collagen is a chemical we make less of the older we get. It's also the chemical that keeps skin looking plump and less likely to wrinkle. Collagen in the skin gets replaced every night when you sleep and if you're skipping a few hours of zzz's per night, that will wrack up to a lot of missed collagen production. Lack of collagen makes the skin dry and can make fine lines appear worse than they actually are so if you feel like you've got fine lines developing, try upping your sleep by a few hours per night!

Brighter eyes

The biggest tell-tale sign of lack of sleep is the eyes. They tend to get dark circles, become puffy and get bloodshot when we don't get enough sleep. Sleeping for longer is proven to reduce signs of tiredness around the eyes. Getting 8 hours per night gives your eyes enough time to repair and hydrate for the following day.

Healthier, fuller hair

Hair loss, breakage, and growth can all be affected by lack of sleep. If you think of sleep as the healing elixir for the body, it's going to repair your vital organs first and things like hair and skin are the absolute last thing it heals. Sleeping in for longer gives your body extra time to repair everything at the speed it needs to.

Happier appearance

When people say 'you look tired' chances are, they're referring to your facial expressions. When we're tired, we tend to frown more and the corners of the mouth tend to droop making us appear sadder than you normally would. After a bad nights sleep, a lot of us become pale and appear generally unwell. Getting a full REM cycle will make you appear happier and generally healthier. So, as it goes, beauty sleep is very much a real thing. If you've got a big event the next day, try get your zzz's in and you're guaranteed to wake up looking your best. Brought to you by MattressNextDay. Shop our full range of sleep accessories, here.
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