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Is The Way You Sleep Giving You Neck Pain?

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Most of us will suffer from neck pain at some point in our lives. We all know that bad posture leads to neck and back pain. Sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress or in certain positions can lead to neck and posture issues. So, Is The Way You Sleep Giving You Neck Pain?

Is The Way You Sleep Giving You Neck Pain?

Sleeping Positions

If you sit or stand in an odd position for 8 hours, you would expect to be in pain. The same thing applies to the way we sleep and although it might be comfortable at the time, in a few hours you may cause neck strain. The best and recommended way to sleep is on your back. This position allows the neck and spine to be fully relaxed and rested. With that said, the most common sleeping position is on the side. If you do sleep on your side, make sure your mattress isn't too firm. You need to allow your hip and shoulders to sink in a little allowing your spine to be straight. A great way to keep the spine in line on your side is to sleep with a pillow between your knees.

The Right Mattress

It's extremely important to find a mattress that suits your needs. If you sleep on your back, you can get away with a firmer mattress. If you sleep on your side or front, you'll need a softer mattress. The firmness of your mattress is also determined by your weight. The lighter you are, the softer the mattress and the heavier, the firmer the mattress. It's also important to replace your mattress every 8 years. If the mattress is showing signs of wear and tear it's not going to be supporting you properly.

Preventing Neck Pain

The best way to deal with neck pain is to prevent it. Here are some sleep tips to avoid future neck pain:

  • Invest in your pillow - Your pillow supports your neck all night. If your pillows are starting to feel flat, it's time to upgrade.
  • Change up your sleeping position - If you wake up with regular neck pain, it's probably your sleeping position. Mixing up your sleeping position will help you decide what works best for you.
  • Avoid stomach sleeping - Sleeping on your stomach causes a lot of stress on your neck and back. If you can't avoid sleeping on your stomach, make sure you keep your head as flat as possible. You can do this by sleeping with a thin pillow or ideally, without any pillows. 
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