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Kaymed Memory Foam Mattress May Relieve Arthritis Pain

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If you suffer from stiff and sore joints or arthritis pain, a Kaymed Bed with a memory foam mattress may be the ideal sleep solution for you. According to a study released in 2000, sleep disruption is an under-reported and often unrecognized symptom of arthritis. One of the major causes of sleep disruption in someone suffering from arthritis is pain arising from pressure on the joints and uncomfortable sleeping positions. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress can help reduce sleep disruption caused by arthritis pain in a number of ways. - If you have arthritis, doctors say that you experience more pain from joint pressure than someone who doesn?t have arthritis. Joint pain is worse when you sleep on a mattress that doesn?t give with the shape of your body. A memory foam mattress is designed to shape itself to your body, reducing the pressure on your joints by cradling your body in comfort. That means less pain and better sleep. - The wrong mattress stresses your joints by not providing proper support for your spine and torso. When you lay down on a mattress, the mattress should keep your spine properly aligned. If it doesn?t do that job, the weight of your body will pull on your joints and put extra stress on them. That results in pain and sleep disruption?and can extend into the next day by straining the connecting tissues of your joints. - When you sleep poorly, you?re less able to cope with pain during the day. In fact, some doctors believe that you may actually be in more pain during the day if you?re sleeping poorly at night. By making it easier for you to get refreshing, healthy sleep, a memory foam mattress can help relieve overall pain due to arthritis. - Because poor quality sleep can affect your perception of pain when you?re awake, those who don?t get a good night?s sleep may take more pain medication than those who sleep well. This can create a vicious cycle, because many of the pain medications prescribed for arthritis can disrupt the natural sleep cycle. If you suffer from arthritis or joint pain and are sleeping on a typical spring flat mattress, try sleeping on a memory foam mattress. It could make a world of difference in your life. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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