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Magniflex mattresses now available

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For over 50 years, Magniflex have manufactured and sold luxurious mattresses, bed frames, pillows and other sleep accessories to a wealth of satisfied global customers. As matters stand, over 35 million people in over 80 countries sleep on Magniflex mattresses. In order to continue to uphold this exemplary reputation, Magniflex use 100% Italian materials to create their products and employ over 180 specialist technicians to design and distribute their products. Consequently, Magniflex advocate that their company name is a byword for excellence and that they have been able to surpass their business rivals because their products contain a real added value for consumers: quality. One of the main benefits of purchasing a Magniflex mattress is the fact that, as a company, they are inspired by the Tuscan approach to a healthy lifestyle and its tradition of beauty. In keeping with this philosophy, relaxation and sleep is hailed as a form of art. Subsequently, Magniflex always endeavour to create products that will improve the quality of their customers' lives. As they state on their website, Magniflex ardently believe that "relaxation is not restricted just to comfort but improves the quality of life and respects the environmental balance by means of mattresses and pillows that combine sustainable materials with ongoing technological and ergonomic research". As a company, Magniflex acknowledge that each person sleeps differently. Therefore, when manufacturing their products, Magniflex take into consideration the comfort preferences of their customers as well as their body structure and individual sleeping habits. By doing so, Magniflex can match each and every one of their customers with their ideal mattress. Moreover, regardless of the particular product that you purchase, every single Magniflex mattress, pillow and sleep accessory is crush-proof, due to the exceptional quality of the raw materials used. Irrespective of whether you prefer a firm or soft mattress; organic cotton or viscose pillows; or thermo-regulating or hypoallergenic sleeping accessories; by investing in Magniflex products, you can rest assured that you will sleep soundly for many years to come. What's more, you can now order all manner of Magniflex products from MattressNextDay! Visit MattressNextDay online today to view all of our stock and to be matched with your ideal bedding supplies!
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