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Maintaining Your Mattress

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Over the years, Kaymed has been offering some of the best quality mattresses and sleep solutions to consumers. The company started off with traditional spring mattresses and beds but then broadened their customer base by introducing and offering top of the line memory foam mattresses as well. Today Kaymed is one of the top manufacturers of mattresses in the United Kingdom. Though the mattresses offered by Kaymed are made of the best quality materials, it is still very important to know how to properly maintain your mattress. Maintaining your mattress will ensure that you get the maximum life and the best quality sleep possible. The life of your mattress can be extended by keeping these basic tips in mind. Remember to rotate your mattress on a regular basis. If you do not rotate the mattress divots and lumps will develop hindering your ability to get a good night?s sleep. The mattress will come with manufacturer specifications, but it is a good idea to rotate your mattress once every three months. When you rotate your mattress, you should also flip it. Your mattress should always be given proper support. If your bed frame does not already have slats to prevent sagging you need to make a trip to the local hardware store. In addition to providing proper support, never jump on the mattress. Jumping on the bed can ruin the mattress? inner support system and cause warping. Protecting your mattress from the elements is also a good way to extend its longevity. Never smoke in bed ? this can cause the smell of smoke to be absorbed or could even catch on fire. It is also a bad idea to soak your mattress, so avoid keeping liquids near the bed. Properly maintaining your mattress means that you will also need to keep it clean. Using a mattress pad to protect it from stains is a good way of keeping it clean. Also, every month it is helpful to vacuum to maintain a good air quality. Never use abrasive or harsh cleansers on your mattress. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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