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Mattress Buying Advice For Women

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Generally, women and men differ when it comes to sleep requirements. Men tend to be heavier than women and can require a different firmness based on that. Women are also more likely to wake through the night and suffer from hot spells mid-sleep. So, here's our Mattress Buying Advice For Women.

Mattress Buying Advice For Women

Choose The Right Firmness

It's extremely important to figure out what mattress firmness is right for you. Women are more likely to have disturbed sleep, which can be worsened by the wrong mattress. Height, weight and sleeping position are all things to consider when picking a mattress. However, it mostly comes down to what comfort you prefer.

  1. Soft Mattress - Ideal for those that like a 'sinking' feeling
  2. Soft - Medium Mattress - Perfect for those that like a soft feel but require extra support
  3. Medium Mattress - Medium firmness is the best all rounder and suits most people.
  4. Medium - Firm Mattress - A little on the firmer side but still has some give.
  5. Firm Mattress - A supportive mattress for those with back pain or 16 stone and above.


Women tend to fluctuate in temperature throughout the night due to hormones. If you find yourself waking up too hot or cold on a regular basis a mattress made from natural materials is a great choice. Temperature controlled memory foam is also a style of mattress for those that fluctuate in temperature.

If you tend to get too hot when sleeping, a gel-foam mattress can help cool you when sleeping and prevent disturbed sleep.

Body frame

Women tend to have more curves to the body. Including wider hips and shoulders which needs to be taken into account when choosing a mattress. If you do have wide hips and shoulders and like to sleep on your side is important to choose a softer mattress. This is because a soft mattress will allow the hips and shoulders to sink in and keep the spine aligned correctly. Generally, a softer mattress is better for women since the contours of the body can be absorbed by the mattress taking pressure off the spine.

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