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Mattress Buying Guide For Couples

Choosing a mattress that will meet both yours and your partner's needs can be tricky. There are a few things to take into account before you make a purchase. Find out what to look for in our Mattress Buying Guide For Couples.

Mattress Buying Guide For Couples


Having a mattress that doesn't support the spine correctly can lead to long term back problems. The most common difference between couples when buying a mattress is weight. Weight plays a huge part in what mattress firmness to go for. The more you weigh, the more support you need. A great solution and all-rounder to this problem is choosing a medium or medium-firm mattress. Medium firmness mattresses are great for most people. Making them the most universal style of mattress.


A great solution for couples is a responsive mattress. Responsive mattresses made of memory foam or pocket springs adjust to your body throughout the night. This makes them a popular choice among couples. Memory foam & pocket sprung mattresses have little to no bounce. This avoids that dreaded 'roll-together' feeling when you or your partner moves. These styles sink in where you want them to whilst supporting the joints. A pocket sprung or memory foam mattress is the most common among couples and the best all-rounder for all bodies.


If you and your partner can't seem to agree on a mattress. A great choice can be purchasing adjustable beds. Since adjustable beds are sold as single, separate beds, it allows custom control over each side of the bed. Adjustable beds can be easily connected and don't seem like two beds. This will allow each side to have entirely different support whilst still sharing the same bed. This can be a pricey option but works well for couples with extremely different sleep needs. Mattresses aren't one size fits all and adjustable beds are a great compromise.

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