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Mattress re-use

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Is it ever wise to re-use a mattress? Mattresses are expensive purchases, so it's little wonder that we try to make the very most of them. Whether it's passing a mattress on from one child to another, or moving a double mattress from your room to a guest room, it's tempting to hold on to those mattresses for as long as possible. The one type of mattress that should never be re-used is a cot mattress. The re-use of old mattresses is believed to contribute to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), commonly known as cot death. Even if you're using a second-hand cot or crib, you should always invest in a new mattress and preferably also a mattress cover - you can seek advice from your doctor or midwife about this. So why shouldn't you re-use a mattress? There are two main reasons why we wouldn't recommend that you re-use your mattress: Support - the whole purpose of your mattress is to give you vital support whilst you sleep. Lack of support can result in back pain and other physical problems that can contribute to disturbed sleep. Researchers estimate that the average adult needs around 8 hours of good quality sleep each night. Whilst some people, famously Margaret Thatcher, seem to be able to get by on far fewer hours than this, most of us do need a good stretch of undisturbed sleep. If we fail to get the sleep we need, we run the risk of being irritable with family, friends and colleagues and losing concentration at work or school. If you're getting a new mattress because your old one isn't supportive enough, why will it be any good for anyone else? Hygiene - if you've read any of our articles on mattress hygiene and dust mites, you'll know that mattresses are difficult places to keep clean and hygienic. A mattress that's ten years old, even if it's been looked after really well, could still be harbouring thousands of dust mites and, with every person losing between half a pint and a whole pint of fluid every night, an old mattress probably isn't the healthiest thing to sleep on. You can, of course, re-use an old mattress if you want to, or donate it to a charity that accepts mattresses in good condition. At present, there are no real ways of recycling old mattresses, so if you're not re-using, take your mattress to your local waste site, or ring your council to see if they will collect it. Mattress Next Day is probably the largest mattress superstore on the internet. Selling a wide range of mattresses from leading manufacturers, we can offer quality mattresses at fantastic prices. Our next day delivery service is free or, if you prefer, you can select your own delivery date. We can even guarantee delivery before 9.30am on request. Take a look at our range of mattresses now at www.mattressnextday.co.uk, or call us on 0844 3911 222 for more information.
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