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Mattresses for allergy sufferers

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A good night’s sleep can be the last thing many people enjoy when they suffer from uncomfortable and debilitating allergies, particularly when the allergens are actually found in the mattress! If you find your allergy symptoms worsen during the night, or conversely improve when you sleep somewhere different, find out how to protect yourself against the following common allergens: Dust mites are everywhere A frequent allergen, these pesky mites are found in and on mattresses, on carpets, soft furnishings and in pillows. Dramatically reduce their numbers by investing in a dust mite resistant mattress. These are normally made from materials such as memory foam or latex, which are naturally an inhospitable environment for mites, in addition to a number of other features such as synthetic “smart” fibres, which repel unwanted visitors. VOCs Many people will notice that when they receive a new mattress, it has a characteristic “new” smell. What is less common knowledge is that the odour is frequently composed of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are by-products of the manufacturing process. These can cause a range of allergy symptoms, including a runny nose, streaming eyes or asthma. Luckily if the mattress is allowed to “off-gas” in a well ventilated room for a week or so, the majority of the VOCs will have dissipated, enabling it to be used. Mould Unfortunately the combination of moisture and warmth that a mattress experiences during typical use provides the perfect environment for mould spores to survive and thrive. Especially if the bed isn’t aired properly, spores can quickly multiply. For those sensitive to their effects, this can result in asthma, a cough and other “chesty” symptoms. Fortunately many mattresses are now treated with a fungicide during construction, minimising the risk of this allergen building up to unacceptable levels. By taking the time to ensure that the mattress you chose has as many anti-allergen features as possible, you can maximise the chances of finding a product that meets your needs. Investing in a new mattress often makes a significant difference to controlling allergy symptoms that can otherwise make night time so miserable.
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