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Maximising your sleep after having a baby

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Welcoming a new baby into the family has a profound effect upon your life. Every single part of your daily and nightly routines will have permanently changed, and while so much of this change is joyful, there will always be challenges. One of the biggest challenges that new parents encounter is coping with their lack of sleep. Babies and young children can wake regularly all the way up to the age of four years old. Why? Initially, a baby has such a small stomach that it is necessary for them to wake to feed. Their growing physical and emotional development means that sleep can be disrupted until the higher brain develops at around age four. What next? It is therefore an absolute necessity that parents make sure that they use every tool in the store cupboard to help them maximise their sleep time. So what are three key things to bear in mind to achieve better sleep as a new parent? 1) White noise for babies Lots of apps and videos are available to play various types of white noise. Babies find this comforting as it reminds them of being in the womb. You can even get recordings of a mother's heartbeat! 2) Light in the day and dark at night If you and your little one are sleeping in the day, try to nap without blocking out the daylight. This will train your bodies to recognise that darkness is associated with longer, deeper sleep. 3) Comfort and quality are key If you're awake frequently overnight, you need to maximise your chances of getting back to sleep quickly when you are able. Good, clean bed linen, a quality mattress and good pillows will have an astonishing impact upon how easily you can settle back to sleep after being woken in the night. If you are expecting a baby or you're trying to find out how you can begin getting more sleep, addressing these three pointers will make a difference. They're all affordable and accessible to everyone. Apps can be less than £1, exposure to daylight is free and kitting out your bed with high-quality furnishings will undoubtedly help. You're just three steps away from a better night's sleep as a new parent. Take a look at our range of mattresses online today to get started on the journey to improved sleep.
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