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Memory Foam - Keeping Couple's Together

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It's so common it's almost a clich?. A couple is trying to sleep in bed. The wife is so cold she has on flannel pajamas, wool socks and a pile of covers. The husband, lying next to her in nothing but his boxers and the covers kicked down around his feet, is plenty warm. He wants to open a window to let some fresh air in. She warns him not to dare. Does this sound familiar? If it does, then a memory foam mattress may be the solution to the hot/cold battle that many couples face when they lie down to sleep. Memory foam mattresses are created with an air exchange system that adjusts to a person's body temperature. It helps the chilly wife get warm and the warm husband get cool. Memory foam mattresses have other advantages for couples. Not only does a memory foam mattress mattresses adjust to body temperature, it adjusts to the body weight of each person sleeping on it. The mattress forms to the body that is on top of it and stays in that formation as long as the person is lying there. When another person in the bed moves, only the mattress underneath moves. The person on the other side of the bed does not feel the movement of his partner. Sleep goes undisturbed by someone else's repositioning during the night. The partners wake having had a good night's sleep. Add a memory foam pillow to the mix which can help lessen or eliminate breathing problems that cause snoring, and memory foam just may help keep a couple together, at least in bed. Couples who may have had to resort to sleeping in separate beds or separate rooms because of the disruptions in their sleep might benefit greatly from choosing a memory foam mattress. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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