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Memory Foam Mattresses and Back Pain

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Health beds and mattresses have received a significant amount of attention in recent years as a way to reduce back pain, improve the quality of sleep, and increase the sleeper’s overall level of health. One of the more popular mattress types that is used for this purpose is the memory foam mattress, a solid pad mattress that is made out of a special type of foam material that can quickly and easily revert to its original size and shape after being compressed. Because of this, memory foam mattresses are able to adjust themselves to the shape of the sleeper’s body without causing permanent deformations that can lead to the lumps or soft spots that can be found in other types of mattresses. Memory foam mattresses can be very effective in reducing or eliminating back pain, especially for those whose back pain is caused by an uncomfortable sleeping surface. Because of the way that memory foam mattresses cradle the body, the muscles of the back are able to relax more than they might with a standard mattress; this means that there will be less stress on the spine and less tightness in the back muscles, eliminating two of the main causes of back pain. Memory foam mattresses also do not contain springs or other solid supports like standard mattresses do, meaning that there are no solid parts to create pressure points in the mattress which can also be a cause of back pain and muscle tension. Those who switch from a standard spring mattress to a memory foam mattress might be surprised how much difference the mattress that they sleep on can make when it comes to back pain and other ailments. Proper back support and a soft yet supportive sleeping surface can lead to a much better night’s sleep with a significant reduction in back pain throughout the day. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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