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Memory Foam Mattresses and Healthier Sleep

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If health beds are now available in the market, perhaps it’s time you stop taking your sleeping pills. It’s probably just the bed mattress that’s preventing you from having a good night’s sleep. Our lives are marked by an inordinate amount of daily stress that at the end of our working day, all we want is to be able to sleep a good seven to eight hours without interruption. One of the best ways to achieve this is to make our bedroom a true refuge. Lighting, adequate air circulation, cleanliness and the right humidity levels contribute to better sleep. An important component of good, healthy sleep is a health bed as well. When shopping for a health bed, look for a memory foam mattress that’s right for you. As an enlightened customer, you should ask the retailer if their beds and memory foam mattresses have been approved by these organisations: National Bed Federation, National Assembly of Retail Furnishers and Office of Fair Trading. These organisations usually have strict standards so that consumers who are buying memory foam mattresses need not worry about quality assurance. You have many choices for memory foam mattresses. The technology has improved considerably that more and more people are choosing memory foam mattresses for a healthier sleep. This is because memory foam technology: • Enables manufacturers to make the mattress firmer during cold weather or softer during warmer weather. When the memory foam mattress has a high density, the more it can react to the sleeper’s body temperature within a few minutes. Lower density foam mattresses on the other hand can follow the contours of the body more easily since it is more pressure-sensitive. • Formerly known as T-foam and invented by NASA scientists in the 70s, memory foam has the capability to distribute pressure equally. Memory foam mattresses are recommended by doctors to patients who are bed-ridden or are feeling sore in certain parts of their body. Find a good health bed with a memory foam mattress that will lull you to sleep instead of lure you away from sleep. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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