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Memory Foam Mattresses VS. Traditional Coil Spring Mattresses

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You didn't have many choices when you were looking for a mattress for your bed several years ago. The coil spring mattress was, for the most part, all you could find on the market. Today, however, you have many choices when deciding on a mattress for your bed. One of the newer choices in mattresses is the memory foam mattress. When comparing memory foam mattresses to coil spring mattresses, one of the major differences found is in their durability. Most, if not all, coil spring mattresses will last approximately five years without flaws becoming apparent. Some will last significantly less time and some will actually manage to stay supportive for longer. When it comes to memory foam mattresses, some tests have shown that memory foam mattresses maintain their quality well over ten years, at least, without deterioration or compromise in quality. Some manufacturers are guaranteeing their products up to twenty years, though! This may mean you can have comfortable sleep on a memory foam mattress for over twice as long with one mattress, without the hassle of replacement every few years. Another unique feature found on a memory foam mattress is that it can respond to the various temperatures of the different parts of your body. Where your body is warmest (for example, the trunk), the memory foam mattress will make itself softer. Where your body is coolest (for example, the extremities), the memory foam mattress will remain more firm. Some say this temperature adjustment creates a "floating feeling", as opposed to just lying on a mattress. Coil spring mattresses do not have this temperature adjustment feature, which in many cases will make them less comfortable to sleep on. Another important comparison between a coil spring mattress and a memory foam mattress lies in the construction of the mattress itself. Coil spring mattresses are made from exactly what their name states: coils. These coils will not always be accommodating to your body when you lie down, oftentimes "pushing" upwards and not offering the body support needed. A memory foam mattress, on the other hand, molds itself to your body, offering total body support throughout the night. This support allows the individual to get the best night's sleep and wake up fully refreshed, without body aches and pains. The only way to truly know what mattress is best for you is to give them a try. Most consumers have found the memory foam mattress to be a much better choice for a good night's sleep. Take a look at what there is to be found on the market today at www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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