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Memory Foam versus Traditional Mattresses

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The technology in mattress design has come a long way. Consumers can choose a mattress to fit any type of lifestyle. Yet, with all of the variety out there, in light of the new economy consumers are looking for the best value. Although memory foam mattresses have gained popularity, the majority of consumers still fail to consider the advantages of these mattresses. Unlike traditional mattresses, memory foam mattresses are designed to conform to your body. So, your mattress automatically provides support to your joints. This patented design allows your body to be in a natural position while you sleep. Although this benefit can be enjoyed by all; it is especially beneficial for people who have recently have a significant increase or decrease of weight, such as pregnant women. Memory foam mattresses also block out the movements of others. For many people, loved ones such as spouses, significant others, kids, and pets often hinders their ability to get a good night?s sleep. Memory foam mattresses block out all surrounding movements. So, you can sleep peacefully. Memory foam mattresses do not squeak or squeal like traditional mattresses. So if you need to move around without the entire household hearing you, then memory foam mattresses are the way to go. Memory foam mattresses provide more health benefits than traditional mattresses. By providing tailored support to your body memory foam mattresses eases the stresses placed on muscles, joints, the back, neck, and shoulders. This makes these mattresses perfect for someone who has recently had surgery, suffered from a stroke, or has chronic muscle or joint pain. There is one area where traditional mattresses typically have the upper hand and that is in their prices. However, memory foam mattresses are becoming more and more affordable. However, like most other consumer products, with both traditional and memory foam mattresses, the cheapest products are not always the best quality. www.mattressnextday.co.uk
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