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There are lots of reasons you might decide to buy a new mattress, but if you're moving house soon, now could be as good a time as any to start afresh with a new one. Out with the old Experts recommend you should change your mattress approximately every seven years, so before you move, work out how long you've had your current mattress. Unless you only bought one very recently, your mattress might be getting towards this age - or even older - in which case, it makes sense that a new house move should coincide with a new mattress. Plus, do you really want the hassle and inconvenience of having to move such a bulky item anyway? In with the new A new mattress is a great way to signal this fresh chapter in your life. It enables you to style your new bedroom from scratch; perhaps you may even decide to get a new bed to coincide with the move? Whenever you move somewhere new, it can take a while to settle in, but a new mattress can really help to ensure you get comfortable and supportive sleep. Even better, when you get a new mattress you can have it delivered directly to your new pad, so you don't have to do any lugging and carrying. A healthy, fresh start When you move house, there are many things you'll want to take with you, but some you will most certainly want to leave behind. Your old mattress will have probably become home to dust mites, or worse still, bed bugs, and these aren't the types of things you'll want to bring with you. If you suffer from allergies, in particular, which can be triggered by dust mites, this is an even more important reason to ditch the old mattress when you move on. Protecting your mattress If you have only recently bought a new mattress, protecting it during the move will be vital. Wrap the mattress in polythene bags or buy a special mattress bag with handles to keep it clean and protected during the move.

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