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Nifty Sleep Gadgets for the Frequent Flier/Traveler

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    Your constant need to fly and travel might be backed up by a variety of reasons. You might need to do so for your work, or you might want to fly back and forth for recreational purposes. Whatever the reason behind your frequent globetrotting, you might be one of the many poor victims of travel-related insomnia. If you have had enough of sleepless nights on the plane or on an unfamiliar mattress, then these nifty gadgets can help you get a peaceful snooze – despite a turbulent flight or the incessant fighting of your next-door hotel neighbors.  

1) Ostrich Pillow

Aching for a power nap? You can have a few minutes of peaceful sleep time en route to your destination with the help of the Ostrich pillow. True to its name, it can make you look like an ostrich with its single front opening and two side openings.  Looks aside, if you do not mind looking like a big bird in the plane, then by all means, purchase this product! This comfy pillow might make you look odd, but it can help you get the forty winks you deserve – no matter how raucous the next-seat plane passengers might be.  

2) Upright Sleeper

Are you always roused up from your well-awaited airplane sleep, because your head keeps on banging to your seatmate? Save yourself from the inconvenience associated with your falling head by investing in the upright sleeper by SkyMall. True to its’ name, it can keep your head upright no matter how deep your sleep might be. And while it can make you look like you have suffered from a head injury, it can give you the peaceful snooze that seems to elude you every time you are flying.  

3) SkyRest

Enjoy a peaceful rest while in the skies with the help of the phenomenal SkyRest travel pillow. This unique, inflatable pillow gives you the chance to get an eventful rest, as if you just slept on your super kingsize mattress. Shaped like a wedge, the SkyRest pillow enables you to sleep while on board a commercial airplane – no matter how cramped up the cabin might be. You can even use it as an ottoman, or a pillow in the airport while you are waiting for the boarding time.

4) Airsleep

Do you often find yourself in a plane aisle populated with crybabies and boisterous talkers? Well, you can still find reprieve despite the crazy noises with the help of the Airsleep app. This program, which can be used in iPod, iPhone and iPad gadgets, can lull you to sleep with its ambient tunes, nature sounds and sleep frequency audio. Just take your pick amongst the wide variety of tunes, press play, and let Airsleep escort you to dreamland right away. Frequent flying and hotel hopping can take a toll on your well-being. Fortunately, there are many pillows and apps that can help you take a breather despite the noise and discomfort associated with commercial flights and soggy hotel beds. With these nifty sleep gadgets, you don’t have to worry about sleepless nights anymore!
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