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Pocket springs and mattress toppers: sleeping with arthritis

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Chances are, if you have arthritis of any kind, sleep is one of the first things affected. The pain of stiff joints wakes you up so often during the night that you eventually run out of ways to snuggle under the duvet without causing yet more pain. Help, though, may be at hand, in the form of your mattress. Even though the pain caused by pressure on the joints is common to all arthritis sufferers, there is no one mattress to meet all needs, which is why you should consider your individual situation carefully. Generally, people with arthritic conditions tend to find a medium to firm mattress gives them the support they need and a pocket sprung mattress is particularly helpful. Each spring is sewn into its own individual pocket, so that your complete body profile is supported. This is also ideal for couples, as a pocket sprung mattress will allow you each to turn without the movements causing disturbance to your partner. Because of the individual function of each spring, you can sleep in the position most comfortable to you, in confidence that the mattress is shaping to your profile whether you prefer to sleep on your back or your side. However, while firmness supports failing joints, it can also cause severe pain. Some kind of pressure relief is necessary, so you will need a mattress with an integral topper. Which variety you choose comes down to individual preference, but many sufferers report memory foam as being particularly helpful. The cell structure of the foam is breathable and so keeps you cool all night, and it offers a perfect blend of the support and pressure relief that you need. Other options are toppers made from wool, cotton or feathers. If you're feeling really adventurous, you could even try a water bed mattress. The key to night time comfort for arthritis sufferers definitely lies in your mattress. So, do your research, take plenty of time trying different combinations of springs and toppers, and ask for advice. That way, you can be sure of a good night's sleep, as free from pain as possible.
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