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Reasons you need a mattress protector

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Mattress protectors, everyone needs them but not everyone has them. Why? Generally, mattress protectors are seen as something children need when wetting the bed. Or an upselling technique used by salespeople. That's not the case at all. Here are the real reasons you need a mattress protector, that you might not have realised.

1) Creepy Crawlies

Dust mites eat dead skin cells. If you leave your mattress unprotected, it essentially provides a lifetime supply of food for the tiny critters. Dust mites are a commonly found allergy and bring on symptoms such as - sneezing, wheezing, runny nose & shortness of breath. To avoid dust mites setting up shop in your mattress, pick up an anti-allergy mattress protector.

2) Sweat and lot's of it

Think about how often you give your mattress a good, thorough clean... The answer is probably not very often, if ever. On average, a young healthy adult will sweat 20 millilitres of liquid per hour whilst sleeping. That's 200 millilitres per night going straight into your mattress. Trouble is, once the liquid has absorbed into the mattress, it's impossible to get out. A good, waterproof mattress protector will absorb all liquid and can be washed as often as you need.

3) Money Saving

When you leave your mattress unprotected, the wears and tears of daily life really take its toll. Any moisture slowly breaks down the foam in the mattress and in turn, ruins the comfort. It won't happen overnight but the life of the mattress will be seriously compromised from poor care. People who pay out for mattress protector upon new purchase ultimately save money in the long run. If you're looking for some extra comfort, try a quilted mattress protector. It will add that extra comfort without necessarily upgrading the mattress.

4) Protects the Warranty

We all know mattresses tend to have at least a 30-day warranty. Mattresses are a personal preference and sometimes, we get it wrong and have to return. Did you know that one sleep on an unprotected mattress can cause stains and void the warranty? Is the extra money saved on buying a mattress protector really worth voiding the mattress if you need to return? Probably not. So next time you're thinking of buying a new mattress, just know that the mattress protector sold with it isn't a pushy sales technique or bed wetting essential. It's a genuine, great investment into the life of your mattress. Bug protector. Sweat protector and all around mattress health marvel. Check out our full range of mattress protectors here. Brought to you by www.mattressnextday.co.uk.
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