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Resolve to buy a new mattress this New Year

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Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? With a good night's sleep linked to improved mental well-being, why not resolve to invest in a new mattress for your bed this New Year? January is the perfect time to buy a new mattress, and here's why: 1. A fresh year calls for a fresh mattress We like to think of the New Year as a time of renewal and an opportunity for a fresh start. The beginning of a new year is a chance to change your life and redefine yourself in important ways. However, starting afresh isn’t always a simple process. To change your life, you have to change the way you approach things and alter your habits. It’s a lot easier to do this if you’re well rested. Investing in a new mattress can help you get the refreshing sleep that you need to tackle the task of changing your life in ways that matter to you. 2. Remembering when to replace your mattress is important Most mattresses need to be replaced once every eight years. However, it’s very easy to forget to replace a worn-out mattress, especially if you get used to sleeping on it. By committing to investing in a new mattress at New Year, you increase the likelihood that you’ll remember to replace your old one. What’s more, eight years from now, you’re more likely to remember to invest in a new mattress again. After all, the celebrations should help jog your memory. 3. It’s time to leave discomfort behind Replacing your mattress can be a symbolic act as well as a practical one. If you’ve had a difficult year, the New Year is a chance to leave your problems behind. Why not buy a new one and leave the discomfort of your old mattress behind, too? Letting go of physical discomforts from the past year can also help you jettison the emotional and psychological difficulties associated with that same year. It's a good idea to invest in a new mattress if you've been struggling with back or joint pain while in bed, too. Here at Mattress Nextday, we’re happy to help you find a new mattress at any time of year. Why not get yours this New Year and start benefiting from a better night's sleep now?
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