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Scanning your phone at night? Here are 4 reasons to read a book instead

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It can sometimes seem like modern technology is everywhere you look. You’ll find it’s there first thing in the morning when you log onto your computer at work. You’ll then find it’s there as you flick on the television when you get home again. Yes, it’s everywhere – even in your bedroom. More and more people are climbing under the covers to get a good night’s sleep only to find that they spend hours upon hours scanning through their phone. Experts agree that this late-night activity could be stopping you from getting enough sleep – and many will advise you to read a book instead. With that in mind, here are just four reasons to turn your phone off and open a book before bed. Books are less stimulating The bright light on your phone can seriously stimulate your brain. This is far from ideal when you’re planning on dozing off at any second. Books are generally more peaceful It’s not just the bright lights on your phone that you should be aware of. As you’ll know, noise should be kept to a minimum when you’re trying to wind down. There’s sure to be plenty of different sounds coming from your handset while you use it, from the sound of text messages coming through, to adverts and videos popping up unexpectedly. Books come to a conclusion You can always vow to put a book down when you reach the end of a chapter. On the other hand, it’s not so easy to call it quits on your phone. You could be midway through a conversation or reading a seemingly endless article on the web and before you know it hours have just flown by. Books are separate from real life It’s handy to shut yourself off from the real world before bed. The last thing you want to be doing is responding to work emails or checking up on an ex on social media when you should be getting some shut-eye. With a book, you can avoid all that negativity by throwing yourself into a fictitious world to help reduce your stress levels. Turn off your phone It shouldn’t take you long to realise the many benefits of switching your phone off and picking up a book before bed. Remember, your handset will still be there in the morning – only you’ll feel much more well-rested after a good night’s sleep.
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