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Fires can be an incredibly destructive force. Whether they are large enough to reduce a forest to cinders, or kept small on end of a matchstick, fire has always been a fascinating, if not scary force of nature. In our current society, heat and fire is all around us. In the house, it can be found in lighters, candles, and other similar objects. That makes it easy for flammable objects to catch fire, or to burn and become ruined. Beds are often victims to accidental fire injury, which is why Sealy has implemented in their beds flame-retardant materials to keep fire damage to a minimum. This FlameGuard protection has been added to Sealy beds in order to protect your bed, your purchase, and your home. By blending together an array of fire-retardant fibers and materials, Sealy has created a line of mattresses that make their beds stand up to accidental fire damage. You can also sleep soundly knowing that your bed won't catch on fire as easily as other products. This feature of Sealy beds certainly makes them some of the best products available to sleep on. Protect yourself and your home today and continue to have great nights of sleep by switching to a Sealy bed or mattress.

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