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Should I buy a memory foam mattress?

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A good mattress is a serious investment - after all, people on average spend up to 16 years in bed in their lifetime, so you need to be comfortable. Many of those looking for a new mattress now opt for a memory foam option, which may be more expensive but can also provide a wealth of benefits. But how do you know if a memory foam mattress is right for you? Memory foam was first developed in the 1960s, and is a synthetic material that moulds to the shape of your body based on the pressure and heat that it receives. It is commonly used in pillows, mattresses and mattress toppers, with many people swearing by it. Many people claim that using a memory foam mattress significantly improves the quality of their sleep, providing them with a more comfortable surface on which to lie. Memory foam helps to support the body and moulds to its curves, which many manufacturers claim not only improves the quality of your sleep, but can also help reduce pain. With no coiled springs, memory foam mattresses also reduce movement during the night, which could be another explanation for why sleep is improved when sharing a bed with a partner. These mattresses are also good for those who feel cold at night. As your body heat allows the mattress to mould to your shape, it hugs the body and reduces the circulation of air, which can make you feel much warmer - which is especially great for winter. Some people may find that they get too hot with a memory foam mattress, which is why certain manufacturers have included climate control fabrics that help regulate the temperature of the mattress during sleep. Those suffering from allergies may also find that memory foam mattresses are a good choice, as with no hollow core, it can be hard for allergens to accumulate and difficult for dust mites to find the space to breed. While memory foam mattresses are a great choice for some, they may not be great for others; some people find they dislike the restriction of movement that they bring, while others find they get too hot. The appeal of such mattresses is very subjective, so make sure you find a mattress that is right for you.
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