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Should I Use A Mattress Protector?

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Should I Use A Mattress Protector? The question most of us can't seem to decide on when buying a new mattress. Mattress protectors are often mistaken for mattress toppers but both are used for totally different reasons. Toppers are used only for comfort reasons and are generally made of memory foam, adding a softer layer to the mattress. Protectors not only defend your mattress against spills, bacteria and some allergens. They can also help you get a better nights sleep.

Should I Use A Mattress Protector?

Improving Sleep Quality

Yes, mattress protectors can actually help you get a better nights sleep. Many of the protectors can regulate bed temperature, keeping heat in when it's cold and keeping heat out when it's hot. It's also proven that most of us prefer a bed when it has a protector. This is most likely down to staying in hotels and the crisp feeling sheets we all love so much. 


Of course, the number one reason for using a mattress protector is for hygiene reasons. Did you know, on average we lost around 20 millilitres of sweat every night? Without a protector to absorb that moisture, it's going directly into the mattress and over time will cause a massive increase in bacteria. 


Sleep-related allergies are a huge cause for poor sleep quality. If a mattress is in poor hygiene, over time, allergens will start to build up and irritate the lungs when sleeping. A huge cause for allergies in the bedroom are dust mites. Dust mites live everywhere and the best way to avoid them getting into the mattress is a mattress protector

Saving Money

If the above reasons aren't enough to decide whether you need a mattress protector maybe this will help. Mattress protectors save us a lot of money over time. Without a mattress protector, sweat, spills and dust mites will wreak havoc on the mattress and cause it to deteriorate. On average, a mattress should last around 8 years, without a protector that number can halve. It's highly recommended when purchasing a new mattress to purchase a protector. 

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