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Should you sleep with the window open? Four factors to consider

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Winter is in full swing but there are still people who insist on sleeping with their bedroom window cracked open. The number of those doing so is only going to rise as we enter spring and summer. It begs the question: should you sleep with your window open or closed? In regards to this, there’s plenty to think about – and really it comes down to personal preference. However, there are several factors that you should consider. Here are just four:


Experts say that the optimal bedroom temperature should be around 18.5ºC. By keeping the temperature low, you’re actually aiding rest because your body needs to cool down before it can enter its sleep cycle. Therefore, always consider that opening your window could bring your bedroom’s temperature down to a more desirable temperature.

Air quality

An open window can help increase the amount of fresh air that circulates around the bedroom. This is helpful because rooms that are too insulated can lead to dehydration. Obviously this won’t help you fall to sleep because you’ll be more likely to wake with a glass of water on the mind. Of course, if you suffer from allergies you’ll need to consider how these can flare up if the window is open as elements like pollen can enter the room.


The faintest noise can disturb people from their sleep – and the chance of this occurring only increases if you keep the window open. This is more of a problem in urban areas where people, sirens and transport can be heard throughout the night.


Obviously, if someone climbs through your window, you won’t be concerned about waking. However, many people find it difficult to relax when the window is open because they’re constantly in fear of a break-in. This nightly worry won’t just make it difficult for you to fall to sleep, it’ll also make waking in the night more likely.

The choice is yours

Really, it’s up to you to create a bedroom that’s relaxing and comfortable. Once you’ve tossed and turned with the decision whether to open your window or not, it will also be worthwhile to consider buying a brand new mattress.

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