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Simmons Caresse - Like the Name Says

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Simmons Bedding Company is one of the most respected names in the manufacture of mattresses and bedding. Their Beautyrest line of mattresses has set the standard for comfortable sleeping for over three quarters of a century. While Simmons Beautyrest may be the company's most well known brand, they're not the only range of mattresses manufactured by the company. The newest Simmons range is called the Caresse line - and they do exactly what the name says. The Caresse mattress line features triple layer construction using three different kinds of foam for ultimate comfort. The top layer of visco-elastic memory foam conforms to your body's natural curves and gently supports every inch of your body with just the right amount of pressure as you sleep. Beneath the memory foam, a thick layer of bloc foam provides additional support and prolongs mattress life. Underneath it all, five plus inches of comfort bloc foam offer the cushioning comfort that your body needs to support you through the night. Like Simmons' other lines, the Caresse range of mattresses is designed specifically to allow two people to sleep comfortably in the same bed without disturbing each other's sleep. The Simmons Caresse line includes the Caresse mattress, the Caresse Ultra mattress and the Caresse Ultimate mattress, all available at Simmons dealers worldwide.
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