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Sleep - how much is too much?

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We all feel like there aren't enough hours in the days sometimes, and sadly sleep is often the first victim - we'll head to bed too late and get up still feeling worn out the next day. The obvious solution is to sleep more, but while getting a solid night's sleep will help you feel more rested, getting too much can be just as unhelpful as too little. Lie in for too long and you could find yourself feeling tired and lethargic when you do get out of bed - it's counter intuitive, we know! How much sleep a person needs is very personal, and the optimum amount for you is probably a case of trial and error. Scientists suggest that between six and eight hours a night is probably enough for most adults, but listen to your body and find out what works for you. Meanwhile, for youngsters, there's evidence that teenagers aren't just lazy, they do actually need more sleep than the rest of us, and their body clocks are generally primed to go to bed later and get up later than adults. Any more than nine or ten hours of sleep in a night is generally considered too much, but what's just as important is when in your sleep cycle you awake. If you wake up naturally in the lightest phase of your sleep cycle, you'll feel much more refreshed than if you are woken up by an alarm whilst you're in deep REM sleep. Apps and fitness trackers can help you to monitor your sleep and wake you up at the best time for your body. Another important factor is natural light; you've probably noticed it's much easier to get up in the summer months and you feel better too - daylight lamps can help to simulate this in winter and improve your energy levels so you don't sleep for too long and miss out on the day. To get a great night's sleep, you need a top quality mattress, and if you order with us you can have it delivered the next day! Sweet dreams.
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