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Spring ideas for brightening up your bedroom

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Is your bedroom maybe feeling a little tired? With busy lives, it’s easy for bedrooms to become a bit of a dumping ground and a place you go to collapse into bed – they can end up becoming rather unloved, (dis)functional areas, when they should be your space, your own little haven to retreat to. Many of us will admit to having a ‘floordrobe’, a large pile of clothes on the floor rather than put away. When you are working, or looking after a young family, the list of chores can seem endless and putting away laundry can be one job too many; surely having clean clothes is good enough? If you have young children, a game of ‘sock snap’ can make it a fun activity rather than a dull one. Your bedroom will seem much more attractive once you can see the floor again. This is a good time to go through the clothes and have a clear-out, then sort out storage for what you are actually keeping – no more bulging and overflowing drawers! Think about any other furniture you’d like too – perhaps a dressing table, bedside tables or an armchair. A coat of paint will do wonders to freshen up your bedroom. White woodwork will make a room seem much brighter, and some colour on the walls is an easy way to transform the space. Think calming and relaxing colours, tranquil greens and duck egg blues are right on trend, with airy, draped curtains - teamed with a blackout blind if your room is a light one. If you would like a feature wall, wallpapering isn’t as difficult as it’s often thought to be! Once you’ve decorated, how about a couple of new accessories? Lamps will provide softer light than overhead fittings and framed pictures will give a personal touch. Finally, treat yourself to some new bed linen to complement your lovely new décor – there is nothing like that ‘aahh’ feeling of getting into fresh sheets under a fluffy duvet. If your mattress is starting to age, consider investing in a new one with better support. Once you’ve done all of that, going to bed really will be a treat – and maybe not just something to save for when you’re exhausted!
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