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The Luxury Latex collection from Dunlopillo really does say it all. These wonderful latex memory foam mattresses are designed to support your body perfectly, conforming to your personal shape and giving your back and next the exact support that they need to keep you a happy and healthy sleeper. The Dunlopillo Luxury latex line also provides a high level of style for your home, with a beautiful mattress and plenty of features to make them the favorite place in your house. One example of this is the Enhanced Moisture Management system, which uses special high tech fabrics to improve the air circulation in your mattress and reduce the build up of humidity to disperse moisture and heat from your body. Deep latex cores, great technology, and hand tufted mattresses provide the center of the Dunlopillo lines, allowing for perfect comfort while sleeping and the perfect enjoyment of your bed. The Luxury Latex line also features pocket springs to make your mattress a perfect picture of luxurious comfort. You spend most of your life with your mattress, so make it a good one. Go to www.mattressnextday.co.uk for your dream bed, and be sleeping on your Dunlopillo mattress the very next night.
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