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The Best Summer Duvets To Keep You Cool

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When a heatwave rolls around in the U.K, many of us struggle to get a good nights sleep. Most of us don't have air conditioning in our homes and there's only so much opening a window can do. Here are The Best Summer Duvets To Keep You Cool and some helpful tips to sleep better in the summer.

Why can't we sleep when it's hot?

When falling asleep, our brains start lowering our body temperature. This is essentially a signal to the body that it's time to go to sleep. Sometimes when we turn the heating down in the house or go from a warm house to cold outdoors it can make us tired. This is because it emulates the brain signals sent to the body when falling asleep. However, if it's too hot when trying to sleep, it's difficult for our body temperature to drop low enough to start falling asleep. Hence, the restless nights in summer.

What is a summer duvet?

When shopping for a duvet, it's important to look at the tog levels. A higher tog duvet will be warmer and a lower tog duvet will be cooler. Although having two duvets may not be ideal, it's the perfect solution to prevent sleepless nights from the summer heat.

A summer duvet will typically be between 2.5 and 4.5 togs. Whereas a winter duvet can be anywhere up to 15 togs. Summer duvets are also generally made of a different material designed to cool you as you sleep. These materials are much more breathable and contain more natural fibres.

Tips on sleeping in the heat

Try and leave a fan on in the bedroom for a few hours before bed to promote airflow. Remember to turn the fan off before sleeping! It's also a good idea to leave windows and doors open to prevent the room from becoming stuffy. If it's a particularly hot night, have a cold shower before getting into bed. This will start the process of lowering your body temperature and help you get to sleep quicker.

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