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The best warm drinks to help you fall asleep

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A good cup of Horlicks is a truly British tradition. It's extremely well known for its sleep boosting properties and the number one nightcap of choice. But did you know there's actually a variety of drinks to help you sleep better at bedtime? So if you're not too keen on a malt-based drink then we've found some great alternatives. Here are the best warm drinks to help you fall asleep...

Chamomile Tea

Drinking tea before bed isn't generally a good idea but Chamomile is an exception due to its lack of caffeine. Chamomile leaves are regarded as a mild sedative, promoting relaxation and therefore aiding sleep. Not to mention the relaxing properties drinking something warm has anyway. The chamomile plant is also known to soothe an upset stomach so if you feel hungry before bed and it keeps you awake, try a cup of Chamomile tea.

Traditional Hot Chocolate

Is there a nicer feeling than snuggling up with a hot chocolate on a cold evening? While the general hot chocolate is high in sugar and not ideal for sleep there are alternatives. Sugar-free hot chocolate is ideal for a bedtime nightcap. If you crave the sweeter taste, try swapping to a dark chocolate blend. It's naturally higher in cocoa with less sugars - paired with skimmed milk and you may have just found the perfect chocolate-y nightcap.

Malted Drinks

Of course, the malt drink would be featured in here. And for good reason! Malt is incredibly high in vitamins and minerals which is thought to relax the muscles which help your body wind down for sleep. Not only does malt wind down the body, it also winds down the mind. Malt-based drinks are incredibly rich and help produce endorphins which can lead to a positive mindset thus helping you relax and sleep easy.

The Classic - Warm Milk

It's an oldie but a goodie. A classic glass of warm milk is potentially the best warm drink to enjoy before bed. Milk is incredibly rich in tryptophan which our bodies convert into serotonin – a natural hormone within the body that makes us tired. Once warmed, milk has soothing properties and becomes the perfect bedtime cocktail. If you're worried about adding extra calories to your day, try using skimmed milk - the least calorific choice. Brought to you by MattressNextDay. View our full range of sleep accessories, here.  
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