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The Best Ways To Wake Up In The Morning

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Not all of us jump out of bed at the first sight of sunlight. For the most part, getting up in the morning is really hard. But, there are a few things you can do to make the most out of the morning. And wake up easier and most importantly, happier. Here are The Best Ways To Wake Up In The Morning...

Do something that makes you happy before you go to sleep

It's proven that if you go to bed happy, you tend to wake up happy. The mood we have when falling asleep tends to carry on into the morning. And no one needs extra negative vibes in the mornings. Try and get into a routine of doing something that makes you happy before you fall asleep. Read that book you've been dying to read or watch an episode of your favourite show. Whatever it may be, doing something that puts you in a positive mood before hitting the hay.

Eat breakfast

Even if you don't like eating in the mornings, your body does. Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day that we all tend to skip. To be productive in the mornings you need to break the fast from the night before. Our bodies go into fasting mode when we sleep and it stays that way until we eat something. When our bodies are fasting, brain activity and general bodily functions don't work the way they should. Try eating within 30 minutes of waking up. Even if it's a smoothie, you'll definitely feel more positive.

Do something good

The feeling of doing something good for someone else is probably the best way to start the day. Send a good morning text, make someone else's lunch or even play with your pet for a bit longer. Doing something that makes someone else happy is guaranteed to set you up for a good morning!

Change your alarms

And finally, change your alarm tone every few weeks. Listening to the same alarm day in day out is bound to put you in a bad mood the second you hear it. To mix things up, try changing it as often as you can. You'll be less likely to hit snooze and sleep in if it's an unfamiliar sound. But never use your favourite songs because they will not stay your favourite songs for long! Brought to you by MattessNextDay. Shop our full range of sleep accessories, here.
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