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The cons of using your phone as an alarm clock

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The world has moved on from the days when phones were merely used to make calls. Instead, handsets now provide a whole manner of functions - from internet access to gaming. In the vast majority of cases, people also use their mobiles as an alarm clock when they go to bed. Is this the best plan of action though? Perhaps not. Here are four ways that using your phone in this way might be preventing you from sleeping.


Your handset can make a loud noise in the night if someone contacts you via call, text or email. This sudden sound can wake you up, then leave you struggling to get back to sleep in the middle of the night.

The light

When your handset is close by, you’re more likely to check it during the night. You may think that pressing the power button quickly to see the time won’t cause much trouble, but in actual fact it can. This is because the bright light omitted from the screen can stimulate your brain when you should be winding down.

Muffled sound

If you keep your phone under your pillow rather than on your bedside table, the alarm might actually be muffled when it sounds. Due your awareness of this, you might become prone to waking in the night to check that your handset is somewhere that you can clearly hear it so that you don’t sleep in. Again, this is just an unnecessary worry to have on your mind when you hit the hay.


By having your phone only inches away from you means that you could become distracted with surfing the web or flicking through social media in the night. You want to avoid such tasks when you should be focusing on sleeping.

To use or not to use?

A phone can still act as a fully functional alarm clock as long as you make sure it doesn’t distract you from sleeping. If you have begun to miss out on precious slumber because of your handset, it might be time to revert back to a traditional clock instead. Additionally, a new mattress could help guarantee you some much needed shut-eye. Contact us today, or browse our website for more details.

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